January 22, 2013

Who Run the World? Girls.

October 8, 2012

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October 6, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As girls, we know the power that boobs hold. Yes, they can be annoying at times, but in the end, they’re an integral part of us and just another great thing about being a girl.

This month is breast cancer awareness month, so be sure to educate yourself!








October 1, 2012


August 20, 2012

Girls of the 2012 London Olympics

First of all, I just want to say how awesome is it that there was a girl representing EVERY SINGLE country in this past Olympics?! We’re not just leaving the medalling up to the boys anymore.

Okay, let’s talk how awesome Gabby Douglas is.

I love Gabby! Not only did the 16-year-old pull off another All-Around Gymnastics gold, but she’s the first African American woman to do so! And for those of you who think gymnastics is just a little girl, girly sport, um, okay. I’d like to see you do this:
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Yeah, if that’s not pure athleticism then I have no idea what is.

Also, let’s take a gander at 17-year-old Claressa Shields. She made US history when she won our country’s first gold medal in women’s boxing. And she’s the second-youngest fighter to win gold in either men’s or women’s boxing.

Get it.

Congrats again to 17-year-old Missy Franklin, who ended up with 4 golds and a bronze medal.

How incredible is that?! Seriously, these girls are all TEENAGERS. Of course there’s been press coverage of the guys (ahem, Michael Phelps!! Awesome!!) but there’s been so much press coverage for us gals, which is the way it should be! I mean, the USA teen girls blew out their male counterparts in terms of medals, media craze, and well, just athletic talent.

Also, this happened:

This is the fortieth anniversary of Title IX, and yes, baby, we’ve come a long way. 🙂

August 2, 2012

Always and Forever My Favorite Athlete


Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back… play for her

August 2, 2012

Congratulations Missy! And more Olympic updates…

I’d like to send out a congratulations to 17-year-old Missy Franklin, Olympian and now a Gold Medalist! She’s the same girl Mr. Olympics himself, Michael Phelps, called a “stud.” You go girl!

I’d also like to congratulate the Women’s Gymnastics team who won GOLD in the team competition, as well as a good luck to Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman in the upcoming all-around competition! These girls are incredible and fearless.

July 25, 2012

Hope Solo

Who’s excited for the London Games? I, for one, am very excited and I also cannot wait to see some of the great female athletes who are participating and getting tons of press (which they totally deserve).

One of my all-time favorites is goaltender Hope Solo. Not only is she absolutely amazing at what she does, but she’s got a great personality and just seems like someone who would be really fun to hang out with.

Plus, her middle name is Amelia 😉

Her Twitter; ESPN The Body interview (she talks about being insecure and then learning to love her athletic body); an article about her upcoming autobiography.

In fact, I think the whole Women’s soccer team is inspiring and AWESOME. Granted, I used to play soccer, but regardless, they’re amazing. Be sure to look up these players too:

1. Alex Morgan -link to an article on why she’s the player to watch this Olympics.

2. Megan Rapinoe -link to an article on her coming out as being gay.

3. Abby Wambach -link to an article about her feelings on the importance of nutrition

July 15, 2012

advice for a sunday…

we live by this

May 19, 2012

inspirational girl

I’d like to ride storms, kill sharks in the open sea, drive out the aggressors, reconquer the country, undo the ties of serfdom, and never bend my back to be the concubine of whatever man

Trieu Thi Trinh